Do you love words?

If you're a voracious reader, the answer to that question is probably a resounding "yes"!
You're not alone. I, too, love words.
But, sometimes words just don't love me back.
Sometimes, I just cannot think of another word for the word that I want to use.
Sometimes, I would like to know what words rhyme with the word that I am thinking about.
Other times, I would just really like to know if I'm saying the word, that I have only just read, the right way.
Well, Word Hippo can help! I recently ran across the Word Hippo site, and am delighted to have done so.

If you want to be able to find another word for the word you're thinking of, find the opposite of a word, find the meaning of a word, find sentences with a particular word, hear words, translate words, find words or find words that rhyme - give Word Hippo a whirl.
If you're a word lover, you'll be glad you did!